Just like the kitchen, the dining room also holds a special place in our homes. Be it with our family or friends, the simplest conversations are made by gathering round the table then designing a dining room needs a touch extra attention. It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, you’ll easily create a dreamy area if you recognize the planning tricks.

Whether you’ve got a separate dining room in your house or it’s just a corner of your front room or kitchen, there are surprisingly many inexpensive and straightforward ideas which can assist you make the space look larger and more inviting. The best part is that you simply don’t need to spend weeks trying to implement these but can get this done over a weekend.
Are you somebody who is keen to offer a stunning makeover to your dining room? Let’s start with these foolproof ideas to rework your dining room.


Clear the Clutter

Begin with the decluttering process which helps you to rearrange things neatly in an orderly manner. Keep things that you simply don’t frequently use hidden away in cabinets or the storeroom . If you’ve got a cupboard within the area , you’ll arrange crockery and other fancy utensils in it. Go minimal with the decorations because it will help the dining room look more airy and spacious.

Make use of a wall
Most of the people might not be lucky to possess a spacious large dining room especially if you’re living in an apartment. But that does not mean you’ve got to compromise on your style. We have all seen tables and chairs placed right at the middle of the space . Let’s change this tradition and move the board closer to an empty wall to save lots of many space within the room.

Take the window seat
Another popular trend is fixing your area right by the window. More perks if you have already got an in-built seating on the window side which may replace a couple of chairs. If you are lucky to have a good view outside then it will absolutely be the perfect setting for a weekend party or a romantic date with your loved one.

Bring in a round table
When we consider a board we always consider an outsized centerpiece table which accommodates 6 or 8 people at a time. Well, it’s time to think ahead and ditch this style. A huge board may look grand if you’re living during a bungalow but if you’re living during a compact home it’s ideal to travel for a stylish round table. This will make the space look less cramped and can provide more room to maneuver around. Complete the design with a classy square-shaped rug on the ground .

Open-plan Dining
An open-plan dining room may sound a touch modish but it’s a practical idea which you’ll try reception . Even small spaces can easily accommodate an open-plan dining area. You can notice that a lot of homeowners are now choosing an open kitchen layout to chop the barrier between the kitchen and therefore the area . You can convert a kitchen island into a area by placing a couple of accent chairs, high chairs or a wooden bench. This gives an openness inside the house where friends and family can share happy mealtimes together.

Built-in Seating
Have you ever thought of introducing a couch or a banquet seating for your dining area? If no, then it’s worth considering. Be it a corner of your extended front room or kitchen, having a comfortable banquet style seating won’t only enhance the aesthetics but also will improve the comfort level. Ideally, you can use a square table to go with it. Bring in personal touch with a couple of artwork or photographs on the wall. You can also add some pillows & throws to make it cosier and comfortable.

Drop leaf tables
Last but not the least, drop leaf tables are in vogue now owing to their multi-functional nature. If your house has an unused hallway you can consider converting it into a dining area. Nowadays you’ll find innovative drop-leaf designs within the market which may be expanded as and when required. You can also find wall mounted fold out desks with folding chairs which don’t take up any floor space. They are amazingly functional and stylish at the same time. When not in use, you’ll either fold the table or use it as a console .


We hope our ideas will inspire you to offer a fresh makeover to your dining room. Whether you’re just fixing a replacement home or modifying your existing dining hall,
don’t hesitate to give these ideas a try. So why wait? Get ready to form your guests fall crazy together with your dreamy dining space.


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