Real Estate is, without exception, one of the globally recognized sectors whose growth runs parallel with the corporate world and office accommodations. The four sub-sectors of real estate consist of housing, hospitals, retail shops, and commercial spaces. Real estate sector in India has seen immense growth in the past few years especially in commercial and residential projects.

Investing in real estate is a process where you need to have a strategic approach to buy a property of your choice according to your requirement. Obviously, when you select a residential or commercial property, you always go for a profitable choice where you can acquire long-term benefits on your investment.

Current trends for real estate investors:

  • Greater Concentration of Demand: Today, jobs are directly related to the Indian economy. For property seekers, whether searching the property for buying or renting, relocating never becomes a big issue when it comes to employment and other economic opportunities.

In recent times, eco-efficient technologies are being used to minimize the negative effects on the environment. So, investors also focus on areas where housing is nearby marketplaces, service areas, business parks and many more. The rising demand results in rising prices and the lease value of properties.

  • Slowing Home Prices: By 2025, India will be a huge part of real estate investment in the world which in turn will contribute to the economy. It implies better infrastructure, higher standard of living and highly constructed roads.

It will slowly overcome the gap between metro cities and small towns. You will be pleased to know that our nation will reach 1.1 crore annual average completions on housing. Investors can now make real estate investment during the slow home prices time period as per their budget and preferences.

  • Huge Gap between Owning and Renting: The increasing housing prices has been creating difficulties for investors to fulfil their dreams because their dream homes are going beyond their reach. This becomes an advantage in case of leased commercial or residential property. But the number of people who can afford leased commercial or residential property at a high cost is also very low.

Buying Residential apartments serve as the best option as rents may go high but the home price will be the same.

How Covid-19 affected real estate in India?

Covid-19 arrived like a piece of bad luck creating nothing but misery in the real estate market. Real estate segment has undergone many highs and lows in India. Since March 2020, the demand for better residential properties have increased, with investors asking for more safety and security for the entire family.

Sitting quietly, scared of the situation is not exactly the correct solution. Smart decisions are to be made to secure the future. During this Global Pandemic, real estate had been adversely affected but now it seems to be getting back on its feet with affordable housing schemes and payment plans and offers for lavish and affordable residential and commercial projects in Vadodara.

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