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A child’s environment plays a significant role in their development because it includes the environment in which the child gains a way of belonging and permanence. It also influences the physical development of the child as per the bounds created by their surroundings. An enriching and stimulating home environment cultivates healthy growth and brain development by providing a toddler love, emotional support, and opportunities for learning.

Research from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that a growing number of families start looking for a home once they expect a replacement member. This is smart. Upsizing your residence and your family is often an exciting time, one that’s filled with decisions about this next chapter of your life, from the kind of childhood you envisioned for your kids, or the size of your home. Maybe you imagine them playing in an enormous park, or, living in a society where the kids walk to high school. This blog looks at how homeownership can have an impact on a child’s crucial years and be an enabler for people to progressively nurture their child’s mind, body, and soul.

A sense of belonging

A residential property is often looked upon as an asset that inflates in value over time. While this could be true, when watching it as a sanctuary, a home’s true value could seem priceless. For millennials, having their house would equate to assurance and belonging. This sense of belonging can manifest during a child’s life, in a number of ways. Stronger leadership instincts, greater independence, self-confidence to undertake new and difficult challenges are a variety of outcomes of a strong feeling of belonging.

Nurturing development

Every child’s development path is exclusive in its own way. The progression towards becoming well-adjusted adults for some children may have striking similarities and contrasting differences. This divergence in development among children involves individual nurturing techniques for every child at the pace that matches them perfectly. Homeowners can specialize in their child’s specific needs without being rushed or overwhelmed into making decisions that can be detrimental to their growth. Additionally, homeownership involves a greater sense of community where individuals within the community play a crucial role in the event of a toddler shaping their personalities.

Fostering overall health

Research indicates that there is an instantaneous impact of homeownership on a child’s physical health. While some parts of the study do show exceptions to that theory, a significant portion does point to the positive correlation between a child’s overall health and homeownership. This is often supported by the premise that generally homeowners have a greater incentive to take care of their homes and their surroundings, at a far better level as compared to renters.

The study showed that societies with more renters than homeowners have worse housing conditions, which resulted in lower levels of health awareness and conformity to hygiene standards. These health outcomes are conditions that are directly linked to allergens like dust mites; toxic substances from garbage non-disposal; and other housing-related illnesses caused by seepage and dampness. Especially when considering this healthcare climate, ensuring optimal physical health has become a top priority for people that want to safeguard their most precious assets.

Green, open paces to ensure the wellbeing

Apart from psychological development, children need to tend the space and resources to develop physically. Homeownership can provide many key advantages that sustain the overall development of a toddler. Whether it is open green spaces where children can play around freely or sports facilities like football, cricket, and even a pool, the probability of children pursuing their interests and grow within that community are plenty. A study conducted in Belgium found a correlation between growing in green areas and better IQ. It suggests that children who grow with access to green areas have better cognitive skills, including memory and a spotlight capability.

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