NRI investment options in India
Best NRI investment options in India

When it comes to remittance(the action of sending money in payment or as a gift). NRI investment options in India ace the global index list. According to a world bank report released in April this year. India tops the list with $79 billion, followed by China with $67 billion and Mexico with $36 billion. As a matter of fact, it is rising at an astounding rate.

NRI investment options in India

A major chunk of that capital is being invested in real estate. According to the RBI website. “NRI investment in India has increased more than twice from $6 billion in 2014 to 12 billion in 2019″ and in fact more than 63% NRI’s Opt for real estate than any other option. These recent crises have plummeted the stock market, it has also influenced
some NRI investors towards stable real estate investment. Plus the slump in the rupee against dollar has handed over more power to NRI investment options in India.

For investment, commercial real estate may provide a better option. While NRI’s ‘First Love”, Residencial real estate continues to hold its prime position. Commercial property like offices, showrooms, shops will definitely be a more profitable asset. Excellent capital appreciation and rental income sources have increased NRI’s demand for
Commercial properties. A good commercial property can give an average rental income of 6-12% as against 1.5-3.5% in residential property.

Commercial Property at Shree Balaji Agora City Centre

The commercial real estate is also good for portfolio versatility, as there are limited options available with residential property. Commercial real estate throws massive options like shops, showrooms, Grade A offices, logistics centers, IT parks, and now REITs (real estate investment trusts).

Also, the expansion and growing popularity of Pre-Leased Commercial Property offers a perfect investment opportunity for NRI’s as this requires minimum intervention and maximum revenue. Most of the Commercial real estate comes with long term plans and a stable income. Both are very much a necessity for an NRI investor as it becomes a tedious task to get hold of market trends of 2 nations or more. Plus the relationship is strictly professional and there isn’t much needed for an investor to look after the property as the tenant has an obligation to maintain the property for better business.