Why Is This Best Time To Buy An Premium Office At Shree Balaji Skyrise ?

Real estate has always been an engaging investment. One reason is the sense of security it gives. Lately, there has been another reason-the unprecedented rise in real estate prices over the last few years. 

Nevertheless, over the last few quarters, the rise has reduced, even reversed in some areas, after people became careful about investing at such high prices. Does this mean real estate is suddenly not a great investment option? 

No, say, experts, figuring that the above holds only for residential real estate. If you are an investor looking for profits, commercial property is a good bet in this circumstance. Interested in the corporate office for sale in Atladara, Vadodara.

The corporate market seems more engaging than the residential one in the short to medium term. Commercial premises are available at attractive costs compared to the 2007 rise. It is the right time to invest, particularly as the demand for office space is expected to grow, leading to a rise in capital and mortgage values. 


Experts say corporate properties are now a better value compared to residential ones. For one, there is excess stock in the corporate range. If you are looking for a premium corporate space in Vadodara then Shree Balaji Skyrise might interest you with its unique design & bold Architecture. 

The retail office sector saw 20.4 million square feet (msf) Grade A stock across the top eight cities i.e. January-September, an increase of 9% over the identical period a year ago. Bengaluru showed the highest-Grade A stock at 94.5 msf, accompanied by Delhi-NCR at 79.3 msf and finally Mumbai at 66.0 msf. The cities are Bengaluru, Delhi-MSF, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Pune, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.  

The oversupply has dragged down prices. Actually, in some areas, residential properties are more costly than office Real estate. Here is one of the best Premium Office Spaces in Atladara, Vadodara 

Shree Balaji Skyrise a project that is stretched in 93,000 sq.ft. land area, out of which about 60,000 sq. Ft is commercial, whereas approximately 30,000 sq.ft Retail outlets will be featured on the ground and the first two floors of the site. The third floor houses a huge banquet hall that spreads across a massive 27,000 sq.ft, with an entertainment zone, food court, game zone, and a terrace garden on a dedicated 4th floor and the multiplexes at the 5th and 6th floor. The corporate section starts from the 7th floor and goes up to the 12th floor. 

Capital values and rental yields in the commercial office space had fallen steeply after the 2008 financial disaster hit businesses in INDIA. 

People will have to keep properties for long periods to earn generous returns. However, in the commercial office section, the main aim of investors is to earn a rental income or a decent amount of ROI. With property values falling over the last few years, rental incomes have increased and are quite handsome. 

Historically also commercial office properties have given better rental yields than residential properties. Commercial properties normally yield 9-10%. Some high-grade commercial properties may as well yield 12-14%. 

Another one of the best Projects to invest in for Commercial property in Karelibaugh, Vadodara is Agora City Centre that has over 6,00,00 sq. ft. of Premium retail space. 

A GOOD Reason for Corporate REAL ESTATE 

Although the corporate segment has excess stocks, recent data show that the consumption rate is gradually increasing. The net consumption rate is the net change in the obtained space between two periods taking into evidence space vacated and created new in the area.   

The report says, that commercial projects are doing good compared to the residential apartments. So, it is indeed a good time to buy a Premium office space for investing in commercial real estate or even for your business. If you are looking for Corporate space for sale in Vadodara then visit Shree Balaji Group’s Agora City Centre.  

At Agora City Centre Invest in the iconic curvilinear design inspired from Dubai’s Burj-Al- Arab. Glorified with the 360 Degree Revolving Hanging Restaurant at 70m height to give you an ethereal dining experience. Not to miss, Open-to-Sky Roof Top Cafeteria served with thematic hospitality – a perfect place for your business meets in the evening. First-Ever Concept of Premium Elite offices with a terrace garden in Vadodara. Starts 611 sq. ft. Onwards.

We at Shree Balaji Group are accustomed to providing nothing but the best to our customers. Luxury, Location & Convenience at your doorstep. If you belong to those who have a luxury niche, the life that will suit you, you can check out the premium luxury apartments in Vadodara|Mehsana|Ahmedabad by the one and only Shree Balaji Group.