Is your business interior working for you? Do you believe that the intelligent interior design of your commercial space can equate to increased profits? Yes, it absolutely can.

There are many ways that your business’s interior can make you more profitable; today’s focus is your staff and employee productivity. Where would you be without them? They are your biggest asset and can give you a competitive edge.


A comfortable working environment makes for happy and productive employees. This concept is not rocket science, we simply work more efficiently when our workstations are designed in a way that fit our bodies. There are many products available for office interior design that allow for flexibility so that whoever sits down at a desk will be comfy while working there.


And there is substantial research that proves it. Gensler, a large San Francisco based company, conducts regular workplace analyses in both the US and the UK to determine how the physical environment can support employees and enhance their working experience. What they have uncovered is that a business’s interior can greatly affect how one feels about their job, and even though Gensler focuses on office environments, their findings can easily be applied to any type of business.

On the flip side, unhappy employees cost your business money. Research has shown that unhappy employees are less productive and take substantially more sick days. They are more likely to come in late and complain about their job to whoever will listen, your clients and customers included.

Crafted with impeccable attention to detail to delight the most discerning eye, magnificent lifestyle reaching the sky and redefining the new heights of luxury located at Atladara-Vadodara is the new ‘Antilia’ of Vadodara!

  • Bringing in the new generation Architectural design by the renowned Architect, Talib Patel & Associates making it the tallest in the city with 70 m height.
  • A never seen before concept of, Corporate offices with attached garden terraces in Atladara, Vadodara.
  • At Atladara main road near BAPS Temple, Showrooms & Shops with full glass elevation, with a clear height of 13ft at Ground, at 1st & 2nd floor.
  • First-ever with the concept of dedicated Entertainment zone covering Food court and Game zone in Atladara.
  • Incorporating 3 screen multiplex with a seating capacity of 230 per screen

“Invest in preleased office & retail spaces and get 6% fixed rental income per annum for the next 3 years.”


The only 6 Star Crisil Rated Project | BBB+ Rated Company!