Shree Balaji Group Commercial Spaces
Commercial Spaces

Indian real estate business is growing at a rampant rate and currently is at a valuation of $300 billion. And it is not slowing anytime sooner. With everyone dropping their stocks investments like a hot potato due to this recent pandemic, People came to understand the volatility and fragileness of stocks and other newer forms of investment
except for traditional ones i.e., Real estate. And in spite of slowing down, real estate has taken the least hit, Which is why it is the right time to invest in real estate more than ever.

Now, As we have come to agree that real estate is the best investment, the next question arises what and where which means What kind of real estate and where? Well, the answer to both could be found only in one place. Shree Balaji Group is the most diversified and enriched property ever seen in Vadodara or probably Gujarat. But if you
are looking for revenue, the commercial spaces will definitely do the trick.

You do have the option of diverse Commercial projects at three major Prime Locations in Vadodara. Which you never had before. Offices, shops, showrooms, and what not?

  • High Street: 1st Longest Façade of Western India.
  • High Street 32 ft height 40 ft wide and 500 ft long with children play
  • Every shop has a frontage on both side
  • Four escalators at high street, the first time in India
  • Multilevel car parking with 16 feet height accommodating 1500 cars. Biggest car parking facility in Vadodara
  • 8 Screen Cinema 1st time in Vadodara with 1500 seats.
  • The most prominent thematic food court of 40,000 SQ FT.
  • Dedicated gaming zone of 16800 Sq Ft
  • A Seven-star club, office, and 370 families to enhance the footfall.
  • 24×7 Power back up
  • A castle in itself with 5 level security with gadgets of international standards
  • A high-end mall, bigger than any other mall in Vadodara in terms of size and standard, and much more.

Don’t mistake this list for all the three properties, This is the list of only one property. Now imagine what kind of features and amenities would other properties do have. Sure the list of amenities goes as far as your imagination. All the three projects are already a new buzz of the town and will be the new hotspots of the city. With this unparalleled
potential, any investment or investor will soon be swept off the floor.